Model Numbers of NeXT SCSI drives:       

S-P/N        Vendor                MFG-Model#        Size                Comments
S3001        Maxtor 380        XT-8380s                330mb        NeXTcube only
S3002        Maxtor 760        XT-8760s                660mb        NeXTcube only
                  HP 660               97548sn                  660mb        NeXTcube only
                  Fujitsu 660          M2253sa                660mb        NeXTcube only
S3003        Quantum 40s      ProDrive                40mb          NeXTcube swap drive
S3004        Quantum105s     ProDrive                100mb        NeXTcube and station
S3005        Seagate 425        ST1480N               400mb       NeXTcube and station
                  Fujitsu 400          M2623sa                400mb       Mostly NeXT internal
S3006        Seagate 1.4         ST41650N             1.4gb         NeXTcube only
S3007        Sony CD-ROM  CDU-541-01         650mb       NeXTcube only
S3008        Quantum 210s    ProDrive                200mb       NeXTcube and station
S3009        Seagate 250        ST1280                  250mb       Depopulated 400mb
                  Seagate 250        ST3283N               250mb       Upgrade for S3008
S3010        Seagate 450        ST3550N               450mb       Upgrade for S3005

Recomended SCSI Addresses:

        Target ID 0  : Customer external SCSI bootable SCSI device
        Target ID 1  : NeXT internal system bootable SCSI drive
        Target ID 2  : Customer's SCSI data disk drive
        Target ID 3  : SCSI CD-ROM drive
        Target ID 4  : External SCSI floppy or optical drive
        Target ID 5  : NeXT Color printer
        Target ID 6  : Swap space SCSI disk drive