AsteronTech Project Area

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       Cube ATX Power Supply
       Custom VGA NeXTStation Color Y-Cable
       Logitech Trackman Bus Mouse to non-ADB Conversion
       ADB to Non-ADB Soundbox Conversion
       NeXT MegaPixel LCD MOD
       PS/2 to next Non-ADB Mouse Conversion
       Modify NeXT ROM MAC Address on OS X

       NeXT MegaPixel Refurb (work in progress)
       NeXT CDROM Refurb
       NeXTStation Mono Logic Board Refurb
       Maxtor XT-8380s Capacitors
       Quantum ProDrive 40s Accelerator Drive Restore

       Cube MO drive filter install
       Cube backplane evolution in pictures
       Reset Root Password
       Tour of 1st Generation Cube
       Nextstation Serial Console
       Drive Configurations